Penokee Hills Education Project
Make sure your voice is heard! If you cannot attend the public hearing on the Mining Bill SB1, you may be registered in the public record by sending a written statement along with someone attending the hearing or email Senator Tiffany at during the hearing on Wednesday January 23rd, 2013. To learn more about the bill you can also visit the WI League of Conservations Voters.


05/16/2013 6:45am

Like to serve some points on the impact of metal mining! Metal mining produces huge waste, since ore is the only a small portion of mined materials. Besides this, metal mining may create an imbalance in the environments.

07/10/2013 7:38am

Glad to hear you like to serve! We are thankful for providing us an opportunity for our voices to be heard! Public hearing on the Mining Bill SB1 is a necessary step and it is very important for our society. Must admit that Written statement is also a very good solution for it. Thank you a lot for sharing with us.

07/01/2013 7:04am

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04/04/2014 3:55pm

From corporate officials who want to build a giant iron mine and northern high school students seeking jobs to tribal members and others worried about pollution, dozens of people spoke Wednesday at an emotional, contentious legislative hearing on proposed GOP changes to the state's mining law.


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